Real Dairy, Reimagined

For years, dairy alternatives have been trying to recreate the perfect balance of taste, mouthfeel and essential nutrition that milk provides. We think nature got it mostly right. Cold-Pressed Creamery™ combines the quality and taste of traditional dairy with the safety and freshness of cold pressure to bring you the first line of cold-pressed dairy products. Featuring functional benefits like probiotics, high protein and the natural energy boost of caffeine, Cold-Pressed Creamery™ will change the way you think about milk.

Our Process

Learn how our products go from cow to cup, and the innovative techniques that make Cold-Pressed Creamery™ beverages like no other.

News & Recipes

There’s always more to love at Cold-Pressed Creamery™! Check out our latest news and recipes to stay informed and find new ways to amp up your kitchen with next-level dairy.

Stories + Recipes


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