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How Can JoeFroyo Have Milk in It and Still Be Lactose Free?

How Can JoeFroyo Have Yogurt in It and Still Be Lactose Free?

Let me get this straight: JoeFroyo is a coffee and yogurt drink. But it’s lactose free. Isn’t yogurt dairy? And doesn’t dairy have lactose in it?

You have many questions. But don’t worry, we have the answers you seek. Gather round and let us tell you about the science and magic behind JoeFroyo’s 100% Lactose Free-ness.

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How We Use High Pressure Processing Technology to Keep JoeFroyo Safe and Mad Fresh

You Down with HPP? How We Use High Pressure Processing Technology to Keep JoeFroyo Safe and Mad Fresh
If you have spent any time on the JoeFroyo website or scouring the label on your JoeFroyo bottle for nutritional information (like you do), you have come across the term “High Pressured.” And you may have thought to yourself, Well, I know what both of those words mean separately, but I have no idea what it means when they’re put together like that. So, here’s a blog post to explain exactly what it means!

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Could JoeFroyo Be the Best Post Workout Drink? The Science and Benefits of Recovery Beverages

The Benefits of Recovery Beverages: Exploring the Importance of a Functional Post-Workout Routine

We’ve all been there: after a solid workout, once the endorphin rush starts to subside, you feel the hunger set in. But it’s not a regular, run-of-the-mill hunger – this is an elemental hunger, like every one of your cells needs replenishment right now. Often, the quickest, easiest way to begin replenishing your body’s nutrient stores is to grab a recovery drink. But what exactly is a recovery drink and how do they help you recover? Would you believe we wrote a blog post to answer this exact question and that you’re reading it right now?

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