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When we hear the word “bacteria,” we immediately have a negative association. We think of germs, sickness, etc. But there are also tons of “good” bacteria, better known as probiotics, that can provide valuable health benefits.


What Are Probiotics?

Let’s begin with what probiotics are. In the simplest terms, probiotics are living microorganisms that exist naturally in your body and in fermented foods.

The process of fermentation introduces beneficial bacteria and yeasts into the food, which can provide health benefits when consumed.

In the past two decades, probiotics have become “trendy,” so there are many other types of foods that contain added, non-naturally occurring probiotics. But whatever the case, consuming these microorganisms in your food can be quite advantageous.


Health Benefits of Probiotics

To be clear, probiotics aren’t medicine. But studies have shown again and again that there are positive links between wellness and the consumption of probiotic foods. The main advantage of probiotics is in restoring the balance of “good” and “bad” bacteria in your gut (and, when we say “gut” here, we mean your digestive system in general), but studies have shown that there is a ton of related benefits that increase with the continuing consumption of probiotics.

The health benefits of probiotics are far-reaching: from improved immune and digestive health to weight loss to healthy skin and lowered cholesterol. There are even studies linking probiotic levels in your intestines to improved mood and mental clarity.


Are There Benefits to Drinking Rather Than Eating Probiotics?

The main benefit to drinking probiotics rather than eating them is speed. Around 50% of the liquid in your stomach passes into your intestines within 30 minutes of consumption, taking the probiotics with it. Since the ultimate destination for these probiotics – where they are going to do the most good for your body – is your intestines, the quicker they get there, the better.


How Do I Know If the Probiotics Are Effective?

The most important aspect of how effective probiotics are is whether they are “live and active.” The six probiotic cultures in JoeFroyo are always live and active – and they are always overjoyed, because they get to swim around in JoeFroyo all day!