We all want healthy coffee creamer. Some of us want (or need) lactose-free coffee creamer. And, in a perfect world, we would love to see probiotic coffee creamer. Well, what if we were to tell you that JoeFroyo Clean Label Creamer™ is all of those things? Does it feel like we’re about to tell you that? Well…


Sorry to be so dramatic, but it’s kind of a big deal.

A Healthy Coffee Creamer That Doesn’t Skimp on Taste

We developed JoeFroyo Clean Label Creamer™ after we launched our Functional Cold Brew™ product, because we saw an opportunity to add those same functional benefits to any coffee. Another – perhaps more important – reason for creating Clean Label Creamer™ is in response to the current state of coffee creamer options, which is particularly abysmal (more on that later).

With our signature creamer, we went super simple. It contains just three ingredients: Probiotics, Milk and Cream. But it’s what we left out that’s really impressive. There’s no lactose, no gluten and no soy. There’s also no preservatives, no added sugars and, unlike many other creamer products on the shelves, there’s no unpronounceable thickeners, stabilizers or flavorizers. Just delicious dairy goodness from happy cows, perfect for mellowing your coffee’s acidity.

A Lactose-Free Coffee Creamer with the Natural Benefits of Dairy

The fact that two-thirds of the ingredients in Clean Label Creamer™ are “milk and cream” might make the lactose intolerant among us want to run screaming for the hills – but slow your roll, friends, and stay here with us in the valley, because, as with all JoeFroyo products, Clean Label Creamer™ is made with lactose-free, cultured Real California Milk®. That means you get all the natural benefits of dairy, without the stomachache of lactose. To learn how we eliminate the lactose from JoeFroyo products, read our blog about it.

A Probiotic Coffee Creamer That Looks Out for Your Tummy

We envision a future where, instead of coffee creamer being one of your “cheat” ingredients, it adds important nutritional advantages to your cup of joe. In actuality, that future is here, and it rhymes with “Green Table Lemur” (and no, we’re not talking about “Mean Fable Screamer”). The seven probiotic cultures in JoeFroyo Clean Label Creamer™ can provide a wide range of health benefits, from improved immune and digestive health to weight loss and healthy skin. Check out our blog on the benefits of probiotic beverages to learn why we’re so “pro” on probiotics.

A Healthy, Lactose-Free, Probiotic Coffee Creamer – But Does It Actually Taste Good?

With all these benefits, you could be forgiven for assuming that we skimped on something as important as how it tastes. But you’d be wrong! Not only does it have a natural dairy sweetness (heightened by the removal of lactose), Clean Label Creamer™ also has a lighter body than most creamers, meaning it doesn’t coat your tongue, allowing more of the natural flavor notes of your coffee to shine through. So, not only does the creamer taste great – your coffee tastes better too!

Where Can I Find This Holy Grail of Coffee Creamers?!?

Now that your mouth is watering and your cup of coffee is just tasting sub-par, follow us on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll keep you posted when JoeFroyo Clean Label Creamer™ is available at a store near you!