Soy, almond, quinoa, cashew, rice, hemp, millet, oat, even macadamia. It seems like nowadays,

you can turn anything into a “milk.” And, to be sure, there is a huge market for lactose-free dairy alternatives. But in 2019, some of the biggest innovations in the lactose-free beverage space are coming from within the dairy industry.

Dairy disruptors JoeFroyo are leading a charge to change the way people think about milk. “Believe me, I’m lactose-intolerant: I get it,” says JoeFroyo founder and president Zach Miller. “But I also love dairy, and I wanted to find a way to bridge that gap. Dairy alternatives have been trying for years to recreate the perfect balance of taste, mouthfeel and essential nutrition that milk provides. My main difference is, instead of running away from milk, I ran toward it.”

That passion led Miller to start JoeFroyo, as he began formulating a drink that would combine the caffeine boost of coffee with the valuable health benefits of cultured dairy, but without the lactose. The resulting beverage was JoeFroyo’s first product, Probiotic Cold Brew™. But the undertaking led to Miller developing a proprietary process for creating a lactose-free cultured dairy base, including using high pressure processing (HPP), to to extend shelf life and improve taste.

While he was overjoyed by the success of the Probiotic Cold Brew™ formula, Miller was even more excited about the potential for the cold-pressed dairy base he had created. After using the same process to create the lactose-free, probiotic Clean Label Creamer™, Miller was ready to fully explore the opportunities for producing dairy using HPP.

The end result is Cold-Pressed Creamery™, a new label for JoeFroyo’s cold-pressed dairy beverages produced using HPP. As with all of JoeFroyo’s products, Cold-Pressed Creamery™ will use Real California Milk®, cultured to unlock live & active probiotics, and with lactase added to remove the lactose.

“We’re inviting non-milk drinkers back into the barn, so to speak,” says Miller. “By using non-traditional dairy innovations, we’re hoping to turn people back onto traditional milk. We amplify what people love about milk, remove the lactose, which people don’t love, and it leaves us with real, high quality dairy, but it almost tastes like a new drink.”

In addition to the previous Probiotic Cold Brew™ and Clean Label Creamer™ products, Cold-Pressed Creamery™ will soon release lactose-free probiotic whole milk and chocolate milk products.

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